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Why is Bali so Beautiful for me?

Bali beach style bikini lover forever summer OCD Behavior tropical weather

Every time I open up my iPad or other device, the first thing I always do, ritualistically, is to open google chrome and search my favorite search terms : “Beautiful Bali”, and then select images tab.  I never get tired of this ritual.  Actually these are totally refreshing images for my mind.  Next up after “Beautiful Bali” is “Beautiful Bali Bikini”.   Again these are totally refreshing images for me.  Nothing about these images disturbs me (and I am very sensitive and easily disturbed by images!), rather I totally can count these beautiful images of Bali to refresh and calm my mind.   Keep in mind please, that I have what is known as OCD, so I am easily addicted to such things.  Just like my mind has developed taboo thoughts (mostly images),  also my mind has developed the opposite, meaning magically positive images.

Google search of Beautiful Bali images

I look at these images of Bali in awareness (meaning awareness of what I am doing) and “ground” myself.  Similarly, taking a wonderful shower can do the same sort of thing for me, but in a different way since that is a more physical stimulation.  In both cases (viewing favorite images of Bali and taking a wonderful shower), I really count on the activity to make me feel new and fresh and even physically  energetic all over again.  So you might say I sort of ‘believe’ in these activities.

This article I am writing now is not so much about me and my wonderful showers, but about Beautiful Bali, and just why is Bali so magically beautiful to me?

Actually I probably cannot give a thorough and complete answer in this short blog post.  But I can say that the following reasons, when added together, make Bali pretty “fabulous” and almost magical in my mind:

1.  I was first introduced to Bali in a special sort of magical way.  I went with my husband (now ex husband ) to Como Shambala in Ubud, Bali.  The first time we went to Como Shambala Uma Ubud, and the second time we went to Como Shambala Estate……These are ultra luxurious and also very health oriented properties.  And if you know me and my preferred style, you’ll say “yup, these properties are the perfect feel good spots for Polly” - because Polly loves luxuriously healthy simple clean style and she also loves tropical weather.  So basically I was introduced to Bali by experiencing what my mind felt was a perfect place, maybe too perfect.

Como Shambhala Estate,  Bali, woman walking on edge of swimming pool
Como Shambhala Estate Bali swimming pool view in evening sunset
2.  I went back to Bali after getting separated from my husband and had sort of a wild fun time in my own unique way….in fact I went back to Bali several times yesterday myself  and  always stayed quite a long while, acting like I would never leave and that time was just standing still and that I in fact was actually immortal and able to be in that place forever…..
Fun in Bali, woman passenger on motorcycle looking back
Beachwalk Shopping Mall, Kuta Bali
3.  I cannot easily ever go back to Bali.  Never in my whole life!   While anything is possible of course, it would be difficult for me to go back to Bali because I am now blacklisted by Indonesia immigration (I  might explain more about this in another blog post).   So Bali has become something unattainable and therefore much more special.
Bali international airport, sign marked x
4.  I have a lot of vidid memories of my activities in Bali, not only my activities at Como Shambala, but in many so many other places in Bali - in Nusa Dua, Kuta, Jimbaren, etc.  They are so extremely vivid to me partly because I deliberately think of them on a regular basis for the very reasons I mentioned - such images are a way to refresh and calm my state of being.  So by repeatedly and deliberately thinking about the images I surely strengthen my belief that Bali is beautiful.
Beach in Kuta, Bali with waves and palm trees

So there you have it.  Those above points put together are why Bali is so beautiful for me.   If you are interested in discovering more detail about any of the experiences I alluded to, you can please subscribe and/or check back when I write future posts.

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