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FREE Worldwide Shipping for Orders > $50
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About Us

Welcome to Sexy Summer Style’s online store!

Our office is located at:  4328 Edgewater Drive, Orlando Florida  32804

Owner & CEO:  Polly Jacobs, graduate of Stanford University, lover of beaches and all things tropical and beautiful

Our mission to offer you amazing original designs for summer sexy fun all year round. We are confident you will love wearing our design’s fresh, carefree and unique style.

Our designs are not fussy, nor sophisticated, just the simply perfect outfits you will love to wear because it’s:

  • Super comfortable
  • Super smooth
  • Super soft
  • Super versatile (wear it anywhere)
  • Super sexy
  • Super easy to clean - just wash, squeeze, shake, etc.

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    Happy shopping 🛍  and happy living 😍🏝