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50 Things I Love in this World

beach style bikini lover forever summer summertime tropical weather

Here is a list of 50 Things I Love in this World (in the order that I thought of them)

This list is not a complete list of all the things that I love, rather just the first ones that came to my mind.

Woman in red string bikini with flowing log hair seated by large beach wave
  1. Wearing a sexy string bikini swimsuit
  2. Getting enough sleep
  3. Doing yoga sun salutations in front of the beach in the middle of the night
  4. Swimming in the pool and doing underwater backwards summersaults
  5. A lot of space around me
  6. Peace and quiet
  7. Fiji mineral water
  8. Looking a photos of beautiful scenery in Bali
  9. Thinking about what it was like to live at Kerry Sports in BGC Manila
  10. Spinning around and raising my legs in the air (some personal unique exercise I do)
  11. Taking a shower indoors
  12. Taking a shower outdoors (better)
  13. Frangipani flowers
  14. Lotus ponds
  15. Solving numerical calculations (with some objective in mind)
  16. Using Canva application to create designs
  17. Looking at the stars on a clear night
  18. Walking on the beach at night when there are large waves
  19. Walking on the beach in evening or early morning when there are large waves
  20. Talking to my father when he is in a good mood
  21. Calamasi pie with whipped cream.  Whole Calamansi Pie and slice of pie on plate from Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf,  with whipped cream dollar
  22. Running down the street as fast as possible to get to Starbucks before they close, so fast I am out of breath
  23. Como Shambala Resort & Spa in Ubud, Bali
  24. A large bucket of ice on a hot day
  25. Creating an e commerce website that sells what I like to learn about
  26. Watching surfing in person or on video
  27. Unsweetened almond milk
  28. The color white
  29. Pastel colors such as pale pink, pale blue, pale green
  30. Palm trees
  31. When it suddenly starts raining strongly
  32. Swimming in the pool when it’s raining
  33. Getting an aroma oil massage in Bali or Thailand (didn’t do that recently)
  34. The fact that the question “who am I?” Or  doesn’t have a complete answer
  35. Thinking about how everything is new now, moment after moment
  36. Coffee, preferably Starbucks venti soy latte with triple shot and a little foam, no sleeve, no writing on the cup
  37. Spacious clean tile floors
  38. Walking barefoot
  39. Tropical weather, preferably about 80-90 degrees
    Love heart shape on the beach
  40. Tulips
  41. Fresh watermelon
  42. Listerine tarter control mouthwash
  43. Fountains
  44. The sound of the waves
  45. The feel of the sand on my feet
  46. Summer breeze
  47. Feeling grateful
  48. Thinking about how small the earth is compared to the universe
  49. Harmony and trust
  50. Taking it easy and living in the moment with awarenessBeautiful woman points up at stars on a summer night with palm tree nearby.

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